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Opportunity Theft: Proverbial Fortunes.Mobile Banking is the New Frontier for Money Transactions.NSE to introduce more stock indices and a bond index.


As the utility mandated to distribute electricity throughout the country, Kenya Power would like to provide you with personalised and customised assistance that will help you as you plan implementation of your new investment or expand your already existing business inorder to deliver to you affordable electricity.

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Safaricom Issues Statement on 'Bot Attack'

In na statement released to the press the Director of Corporate Affairs at Safaricom, Mr. Nzioka Waita said “We wish to address online customer complaints in relation to our recently concluded ‘

Old Mutual Increases its Stake in UAP

Daily Market Report: 26th January 2015

Welcome Kenya's Newest Engineering TV Series, "AWEsome"

Regulators Give Nod to Acquisition of Equatorial Commercial Bank

Weekly Market Report for the Week Ended 23rd January 2015







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 Finaltus is an organization based in Kenya, with a wide range of experience in business consultancy.The organization has developed market niche in handling matters related to Business Valuations, Assessing Finance distress and formulating corrective strategies as well as conducting due diligences.     Finaltus ventures offers the folowing services:   Finance distress testing of organizations to ascertain their stability. This is a service where Finaltus applies diagnostic tools to

Loita Asset Management

 Loita has historically been a leader in innovative asset management. Loita Asset Management in Kenya is a leading provider of investment management, distribution, and research services to multinational corporations, financial institutions, multilateral agencies, and private corporations. Loita Asset Management also seeks to develop appropriate instruments in conjunction with large institutional clients such as insurance companies and pension funds. Loita capitalizes on its experience with l


 Prudential financial is the leading independent investment solution provider Kenya working in partnership with various financial services firms and Investment Banks to offer a one stop shop service for anyone seeking unbiased and independent investment related services. Prudential financial in conjunction with these firms offers Investment Advisory Services, portfolio management, financial planning and investment research. Our services revolve around publicly listed stocks on the Nairobi St


 This Consulting firm is registered with Capital Markets Authority to offer the Following Services: Cash Management and budgeting: The foundation of any financial plan is budgeting, it does not matter how much you earn what matters is how much is left in your account at the end of the day. The way you spend your money is the single most important factor in financial planning management. If you spend it all there will be nothing to invest and therefore the twilight years a head will be filled

The Profin Group

 The ProFin Group traces its roots back to 1986 when Finexco Internati


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Overview of British-American

Dyer and Blair Investment Bank


Dyer & Blair Investment Bank Limited is a leading regional

Consolidated Insurance Brokers


About Us; Welcome to Consolidated Insurance Brokers




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How parents can play a key role by imparting knowledge to their children on wealth creating

 How parents can play a key role by imparting knowledge to their children on wealth creating     How is wealth created? My daddy asked me one day.     “What can you show to the rest that this is yours besides what you see is mine? I was not certain on what I could respond. I had just been emp

Understanding stock market terms that define an investment period for the market

Why saving for tomorrow is very vital for formation of capital yet no one is doing it

Before you take that beer and buy that Iphone, think about your retirement plan first

The looming investment avalanche

How to invest the right way first, before you do anythnig else

Characteristics of where you should invest your money


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Why Safaricom is the cream of investment options at the moment and why you should be ordering a few rounds of it

Safaricom is a mobile telecommunication company (telco) based in Nairobi, Kenya. The telco had 19.2 million subscribers as at 06.2012, apart from voice the company also offers data and mobile money transfer services through its revolutionary product Mpesa and it has also gotten into hire purchase bu

Inept management at National Bank makes it a favorable buy or hold at the market

Does Kenya Airways need new management to save its dying share performance at the market

If you are an investor in Equity bank shares, start planning an exit strategy

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Five Reasons You Should Save for Retirement Now and why you should be talking to Faulu Kenya

The following post comes from the America Saves Blog.    It’s easy, in the normal press of life, to put off thinking about retirement, much less thinking about saving for a period of life many can hardly imagine. We all know we should do it—but some figure that it will take more time and energ

Consumer education and mobile money adoption

Five different types of Social Media Influencers

Content is key in developing a credible and sustainable social media influence

How to measure social media influence

Who are the real job creators...

Why SMEs need to have a visible social media branding in a noisy market place

Beyond Capital Gains: The Multiplier Effect of Youth Savings

15 top social media thought leaders