By SokoDirectory Team / May 2, 2012

Franklin Management Consultants Ltd. Previously registered as Fashion Management Consultants Ltd.  (FMC) provides consultancy services to companies in: The Local Garment Industry, Bonded Vendors in the Export Processing Zone and with Handicrafts/Curio Vendors exporting to the USA as well to other countries that require this service.

FMC also exports innovative designs of African merchandise that still express African culture as well as creative new designs for major department stores and smaller retailers in the USA and any where else in the world.

FMC carries out the following services as required and where appropriate to the client(s) situation.

  • Fashion designing including the coordination of the collections.
  • Designing prints for the fabrics as well as for individual T-shirts.
  • Forecasting new trends in current colors and styles out in the market place
  • Establishment of markers and information retrieval systems.
  • Provision of technical assistance in production management.
  • Setting quality control standards, improving production systems management, planning cutting/sewing schedule