African Sahiliya Cargo and Clearing

By SokoDirectory Team / March 2, 2015

African Salihiya Cargo & Clearing pioneered an Air & Sea Freight forwarding company based in U.A.E, and has continued to be a trendsetter since its founding in 1993. We sent our first cargo flight to Eldoret international Airport on the 11th November 1997. Dubai is the main hub (process point), goods are sent from all over the world to Dubai where they are distributed to their respective destinations, mainly through Eldoret International Airport in Kenya. We operate full charter flights from Dubai to Eldoret every week and sea freight through Mombasa Kenya.

Moreover, as an acknowledged leader in the logistics industry, African Salihiya has constantly pursued a mission to innovate and bring world class services to the U.A.E. It has acquired a high level of expertise in Third Party Logistics and can offer solutions for individual and complex logistics challenges.

Our marketing, sales and technological expertise makes tailor made solutions possible.