By SokoDirectory Team / March 3, 2015

Coop Consultancy provides financial advisory services to co-operative societies.
Following many years of working with the Co-operative movement, Co-op Bank appreciates the invaluable experience and expertise gained in matters that are of interest to co-operatives.
Co-operative Consultancy Services Ltd (CCS Ltd) was created as a specialist subsidiary of the bank to provide financial advisory services to mostly the Co-operative movement and selected other sectors of the economy. CCS is licensed by the Capital Markets Authority as Financial Advisors.
Their key objective is to enhance efficiency and profitability of the co-operative movement through the provision of affordable capacity-building solutions.
CCS provides advice at very concessionary terms, which is offered as a direct subsidy by Co-op Bank.

1. Strategic Planning
This process entails working with the management team of the client societies to identify and define the key priorities and drivers of their business. subsequently, CCS ensures that societies get full benefit of the process by organizing Strategic Planning Workshop. A critical Swot Analysis is done to help Societies develop a winning tactical plan.

2. Feasibility Studies
It involve data collection, infrastructural analysis, SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, Financial Projections, NPV and Payback period and recommending the best option.

3. Human Resource Management
This includes advising on Human Resource planning, Employee development, employee evaluation and reward systems and best Human resource strategies and policies.

4. Business Operations Review
Review of the Societies Operations, performing scenario testing, formulation of option and selecting the most appropriate options.

5. FOSA Establishment
Assist societies establish Front Office Service Activities (FOSA) for providing banking services to their members.

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