Is Kenya Airways cutting costs by skimping on customer satisfaction?


When a devoted customer complains publicly on social media about a bad product or poor service from a popular company, it raises concern from everyone.

It seems that Kenya Airways which is commonly used for domestic flights is cutting back on some of the luxuries afforded to passengers in a bid to save money.

We all agree that having your flight delayed is one of the major disadvantages of opting to fly to your destination. A delay of just a few minutes may not be that serious, but a long period delay has serious consequences. In some cases, long delays might force you to miss a business engagement.

According to a frequent KQ customer, apart from flight delays on domestic flights, Kenya Airways has allegedly gotten rid of DStv services from the domestic departures lounge. DStv is filled with exceptional entertainment; from kids’ shows to great A-list movies, the hottest and latest series from the US plus the very best selection of sports action. DStv caters to the entertainment needs of all ages.

Some customers who fly with Kenya Airways are sports fans and enjoy watching their favorite teams going head to head with other formidable teams on channels usually (sometimes exclusively) available on DStv. If you were one of those people whose flight got delayed and then additionally found out you couldn’t watch a football game you had been anticipating I imagine you’d harbor some anger towards Kenya Airways. This plight was only aired by one client but if that’s the case, Kenya Airways, who’s stock prices have recently slumped to multi-year lows will lose its standard as the flag carrier of Kenya and the Pride of Africa. Customer satisfaction is key.

With recent terrorism threats, tourism in Kenya is facing a lot of challenges. Many countries are issuing travel advisories to the detriment of our tourism industry and the number of tourists coming in is reducing day by day forcing the tourism industry and involved partners (including Kenya Airways) to cut down on cost but this does not justify taking away important elements of the journey.

Entertainment plays a big role in airports because it helps customers beat boredom and keep awake as they wait for their flights. It is an important element of air travel which should not be interfered with unnecessarily. In the case of Kenya Airways, no DStv means disatisfied customers which is a really bad thing for any profit-making entity and rightfully so.

According to a report by Kenya airways on March 27th, the company planned to boost operations with a new flight schedule as from 1st of April 2015. This was to ensure efficient use of its aircrafts, crew and flight for its passengers. Skip forward a few days and customers are complaining about KQ’s ‘improved’ services. Could this be part of the change the company was planning? I, and most certainly everyone else, hope not.

Kenya Airways should live up to its reputation and offer quality service that exceeds customers’ expectations like they are known for. The prestige and comfort they offer clients has helped the company maintain profitability. A drop in customer satisfaction will eventually harm the comapny itself. Let them not skimp on quality entertainment in the name of cost-cutting.


The customer complaint sparking this outrage can be accessed here:


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  • SokoAnalyst

    What is really happening to our airline?

  • SokoAnalyst

    If you delay flights, at least have the DSTV up and running sot hat guys can watch football

  • Abuga_

    The Kenya Airways’ brand seems to be on a freefall, with no sign of yeilding.

  • SokoAnalyst

    Abuga_ i wonder if the management team is listening to its customers

  • Abuga_

    Abuga_ If they’re cutting back on entertainment to save money, maybe they’re giving too much priority to shareholders’ concern for cost savings and short-term profits. If the move affects the brand by making Kenya Airways appear non-customer-centric, everyone loses in the medium- and long-run.

  • AmosKasera

    The problem with kenyans is that everyone pretends to be an expert. Everyone is giving their own opinions on how KQ should be run. Keep up your critisms, but as you criticise keep in mind that  running an airline business is not similar to any other business. There are alot of factors that come into play. One fact is for sure, if any of you critics were half as good as you sound in running an airline business …. You would be the current CEO of Kenya airways and not Mr Mbuvi Nguze.