Dunhill Consulting Limited

By Soko Directory Team / August 2, 2016

Dunhill Consulting Limited’s property services are refreshingly different. That’s because the unique combination of their people and their property management and marketing strategies give you the very best service available, whether you want to have their property managed, sold, let, or are even thinking of buying. All of their services are driven by their core philosophy: professional, cost effective and hassle-free.

All their staff are 100% committed to going the extra mile to exceed their expectations.

  • We listen carefully to their individual needs.
  • We keep their promises – we will advise you on what price/rent is realistic and what is optimistic. You decide if you want a quick sale or will hold out for the right price.
  • We’ll manage their sale/letting from beginning to end, and their senior staff will keep you informed throughout.
  • Their property is their business. With their wide experience, we will manage their property in the most professional way.


Hevea Ctheirt,
Block A3, No.15,
Eldama Ravine Road,
Telephone: +254 786 386 445
+254 789 386 445
+254 720 911 136
+254 735 267 825

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