African Alliance Kenya Investment Bank

By SokoDirectory Team / August 8, 2016

For almost two decades, the African Alliance Group has been building a substantial pan-African investment banking platform.

They understand the need to build African markets from small or non-existent platforms to expand the base that will enable Africa to take its place among mainstream developing markets and capitalize on its abundant resources.

They build unit trusts where there are none, create bond markets and yield curves to price capital, research equities and bonds, manage pension funds and raise private equity for opportunities. Their trading funds aim to eliminate price inefficiencies, and their advisory business partners with local and international capital to create economic value.

After starting in Swaziland, their model has expanded to most parts of Africa. They are committed to building and developing local talent – this is a core value and the most essential ingredient of their success. They are equally committed to establishing and adapting their model to the rest of the continent over the next two decades.

In a world focused on short-term gains, their long-term commitment to build markets and people where they operate sets them apart. They understand that pioneering work is lengthy and difficult. Importantly, their shareholders fully support their long-term, multi-generational vision.


Physical address

4th Floor

Kenya Re Towers Upper Hill

Off Ragati Road

Postal address

PO Box 27639,00506


Tel: +254 20 2777 000

Fax: +254 20 271 0247

Email: [email protected]