Apex Africa Capital Ltd

By SokoDirectory Team / August 8, 2016

Apex Africa Capital Ltd (Apex) was licensed as HAK Securities Ltd, on 27th June 1994 and has since become one of the premier brokerage houses at the NSE. In 2015, Apex became part of the prestigious AXYS Group (Mauritius), opening doors to new heights and opportunities for transformation.

Apex current range of services include:

  • Stockbrokerage for securities listed on the NSE,
  • Immobilization of share certificates, and
  • Transfer of shares.

As their partnership with AXYS Group matures, they hope to add a number of other services to their current portfolio.

Apex Vision

To provide timely and value-adding services to their client base, ensuring that their clients’ investing needs are met in the most efficient way possible. We are renowned for their ethical and efficient business practices and we strive to put their clients’ needs first.

Apex Philosophy

They are fully cognizant of the fact that timely execution and personalized advice is key to getting ahead in the markets. As their capital markets grow, so do the risks and their philosophy is to remain highly responsive and flexible to market events whilst ensuring that their clients receive the most appropriate advice to achieve their investment objectives.


Apex Africa Capital Ltd

P.O.Box: 43676,00100,

Nairobi, Kenya.

4th floor, Rehani House,

Kenyatta Ave./Koinange St,

TEL: +254 20 2242170

+254 020 2215554

Email: [email protected]