Forget Giving Up if You Want to Be an Entrepreneur

By Juma Fred / August 15, 2016


Are you an entrepreneur? Are you already established in business or are you thinking about starting one soon? Do think you have what it takes to set up a business that will withstand the whiling winds common in the business world?

Many people dream of being entrepreneurs but very few wake up from their dreaming and chase after their dreams. Many upcoming entrepreneurs forget that one has to start from somewhere. They forget that a journey of a thousand miles often begins with a single step.

What are some of the things that one has to put in mind before embarking on an entrepreneurial journey?


  • Be ready to learn.

There are many ways through which one can learn. One can learn through taking part in something, through observation or through inspiration from others. Many entrepreneurs make a mistake of not wanting to learn from others already established in the sector. 

The majority of the upcoming entrepreneurs think that it will be demeaning to go down and ask for advice on certain matters involving whatever they are willing to undertake. The main reason here is many upcoming entrepreneurs are proud and as it is the norm, pride comes before a fall. 

If you are proud to the extent of never wanting to learn from others, you will soon fall without knowing and be left wondering about what hit you. Ask questions about issues you don’t know. Take part in issues related to whatever you wish to undertake so that you gain more insight about it.

Remember, you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step and move on.


  • Do not be greedy

Greater things take time. Many who wish to be entrepreneurs are greasy and always want to gain quick riches. This forces most of them resolving to take some uncouth shortcut means that often end up costing them dearly. As an upcoming entrepreneur, always remember that whenever the deal seems too good, it the highest time you thought twice.

If you are employed and you wish to leave your current job position to go and set up a similar venture of your own, do not be in a hurry. You don’t know where your current employer may have started. First learn, take time, find out how it is done and then take the step when you are very sure of what you are going to venture into.

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  • Have what it takes

Do you have what it takes in terms of resources before venturing out into the entrepreneurial world? You cannot start something out of nothing. You must first have something before building on. Money is a very important factor in an entrepreneurial journey. In the world of today, without money, your idea is as good as dead. You wish to become an entrepreneur, yes. But do you have money? Do you have someone who will support you during the journey?

A good traveler that who prepares for the journey. An entrepreneurial journey is like that journey of going for a picnic to camp. You first have to prepare, carry out a reconnaissance survey, know what you have to take along with you and what you have to leave behind.


  • Know the WHAT of your business


This is very important. Most people often just feel of doing something, of investing in something but they can’t exactly tell what that something is. You may what to venture into entrepreneurship but what kind of entrepreneurship? What do you want to do? Don’t you know that if you don’t where you are going every direction will take you there?

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  • Never Give up

The entrepreneurial journey is tough. It has ups and downs. At one time you will fall but that won’t mean failure. Remember, it is not always about how many times you fall but how many times you bounce back after a fall.

Many entrepreneurs, upon encountering some challenges, they fall and start complaining and blaming others for their fall. The moment you fall and start giving reasons for it, you directly become a failure. 


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