What You Post on Social Media Can Cost You a Job

By Juma Fred / October 19, 2016

When the social media took over the world, people were excited and knew that the prophecy of making the world a real global village had come.

One of the most common used social media platform is Facebook. From social interaction to business ventures and now with the introduction with a feature that allows one to do anything live, the platform is going a buzz.

Twitter is another popular social media platform although not as popular as Facebook. The only difference between twitter and Facebook is that Twitter appears to be more professional than Facebook given the kind of conversations that goes on each of the platforms.

In Kenya though, politicians are taking advantage of such social media platforms as Twitter to spread propaganda through bloggers as well as pushing forth their agendas through trending hashtags.

As the social media age continues to take over the world more strongly than ever before, employers are begging to pay more attentions to the social media posts of both would-be employees and employees more than they do the same to the persons themselves.

During the interviews in seeking for the next Chief Justice in Kenya, one of the candidates, Professor Makau Mutua was taken to task over a tweet a posted years back where he appeared to denounce the presidency of Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta.

People say that the good Professor might have missed the top job as the Chief Justice of Kenya due to that tweet.

There are many people who have lost their jobs as a result of posting something on their social media platforms that appears to be contravening what their companies or institutions believe in. some have even ended up in court for such claims as defamation with the recent incident involving the Deputy President of Kenya William Ruto and the activist Boniface Mwangi.

Most of those affected with what they post on their social media platforms are those working in the media industry with some mainstream media having been prohibited their employees from posting anything, either politically or philosophical that appears to be against the standing orders of the company.

So, what are you posting on your social media platform? Know that your boss is watching your account more keenly than he is watching you.

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