Barclays Bank of Kenya Looks to The future With Excitement – CEO

By David Indeje / November 28, 2016

Barclays Bank of Kenya Records Pre tax profit of Ksh 7.71 Bn in Q3 2017

Barclays Bank of Kenya has called for a stable banking environment in its growth strategy after citing a tough year of operations.

“It’s been a year of upheavals and we are going to need stable banking going forward. This year will go down as a year we are unlikely to forget,” said Jeremy Awori, the Bank’s Chief executive officer.

Speaking at the fifth edition of the Annual Barclays Africa forum  in Nairobi Kenya, was in reference to Barclays PLC exit from its African operations in the next two to three years to focus on business in the US and the UK and the impact of the signing of the Banking (Amendment) Act, 2015 in Kenya.

“We are excited about the future, tough as it may be,” added Awori.

“We are the number one Forex bank in this regional market. Our products are evolving to fit our customers’ needs. We are ready for the challenge,” expressing optimism.

Peter Maltare, Africa Deputy CEO said what they have witnessed has not been new but because of interconnections, they have been able to bridge the gap.

“”Economies are interlinked. Slow growth in Nigeria and South Africa is having an impact on East African markets. We can promise our clients that they will continue to enjoy the same high levels of service,” says Matlare.

“We need to begin to have businessmen in Africa do more business within Africa,” he added.

The annual Forum brings together the Bank’s corporate clients working or with an interest in Africa.

The platform engages and target clients and, in the process, highlighting themes on leadership that are relevant to Africa. This is the first forum of its own kind in Kenya.

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