CORD and Jubilee, Who is Fooling Who?

By Juma Fred / November 30, 2016

Where is, Kenya heading to? Is the country heading to the right direction? Have our so-called leaders forgotten why they were elected into those political positions?

The outbursts between President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and the leader of the opposition Raila Amolo Odinga is shameful, sickening and an indication of loss of direction among the political class with personal interests being placed above the public ones.

In the recent days, President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga have been treating Kenyans on shouting matches with emotions mounting with each passing day.

Raila is blaming President Uhuru Kenyatta for shielding corrupt officials within the Jubilee administration including the former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru. Uhuru Kenyatta on the other hand, is calling Raila Odinga an economic saboteur who is up to no good. At one point, speaking in his native language, the President called on Raila to retire from politics.

“Prior to 2007, the economy of this country was growing at eight percent but when this man, (Raila Odinga) caused violence and joined the government, the economy fell to 0.5 percent!” Said President Kenyatta. (He said it in Swahili and this has been paraphrased)

President Uhuru Kenyatta has always let his emotions take the batter part of him whenever he is countering whatever Raila Odinga has said. It always seems more than a political contest. It is always like a personal difference. But who knows?

The question in minds of every Kenyan right now (except for the sycophants) is between the Jubilee administration and the opposition, Coalition for Reforms and Democracy, CORD, who is fooling who in terms of the rampant corruption going on around the country?

Just last week, more than 51 million shillings are said to be unaccounted for in Kilifi County. The Governor of Kilifi, Amason Kingi is from the opposition. It has been alleged that Raila Odinga went mute and even defended the Governor when the corruption allegation in Kilifi County emerged and now the ruling party has taken that to get back at him. They say that the man, Raila Odinga, is quick to point out the mistakes of the government and coils his tail when it comes to issues of corruption touching on the leaders in the opposition.

Just a day ago, Members of Parliament affiliated to the ruling party released what they termed as a dossier linking MP Junet Muhammed to the NYS Scandal and at the same time alleging that Raila Odinga benefitted directly from the NYS loot.

The war against corruption is slowly turning into an affair belonging to two groups; CORD and Jubilee. CORD is telling Jubilee to fight corruption in its camp and Jubilee is busy telling CORD to handle corruption in its camp. In the long run, we shall soon find ourselves in the next general election, less than a year away, with nothing having been done and with the same corrupt leaders ready to go back into the office.

The National Youth Service scandal stopped being a scandal and turned into a drama, divided into episodes long time ago. Every new revelation seems like a new episode with no clear direction of where the matter is heading. What Kenyans don’t know is that it is their psychology that is being played with. Watch this space, nobody will ever be convicted concerning the NYS and believe me you, Anne Waiguru will be the governor for Kirinyaga County. It is in the nature of Kenyans to hung small thieves and electing the big ones into big offices.

The mystery concerning the Eurobond billions is yet to be resolved. The Deputy President William Ruto has been very vocal, blasting Raila Odinga that there is no single cent that was lost from the Eurobond. The matter is slowly becoming water under the bridge and soon, Kenyans will forget. In fact, some Kenyans long forgot about the issue.

The health scandal is here with us, the Youth Fund Scandal, the massive corruption that is going on in the counties, the ever-rising inflation and the acute shortage of most basic needs among Kenyans are among the monsters lingering and ready to pounce.

Recently, Deputy President Ruto said that all the corrupt officials within and without the Jubilee administration should be brought to book. This came a day after his personal assistant, Mr. Farouk Kibet admitted, through a written submission that he had received 1.5 million shillings from Josephine Kabura, a key suspect in the NYS saga. Who is fooling who here?

The problem with the Kenyan leadership is to always think that Kenyan are fools. That Kenyans don’t know what is happening. That Kenyans will still elect them no matter what. What is more sickening is to hear the ruling party telling the opposition to handle corruption in their counties? What kind of ignorance is this? What kind of utter nonsense is this? Does the opposition has power to arrest, accuse, judge and prosecute? No. It is the government. The government has to wake up from the slumber and the Head of State should stop complaining and crying like a small baby.

Why can’t the opposition and the ruling party sit down and handle issues that are affecting Kenyans in a simple, perfect and sober manner? The looting is going on and the looters seem not to give a damn of what is going on. They are looting. They are eating. It is their time to eat and it is our time, as Kenyans to salivate.

Between Jubilee administration and the opposition, CORD, who is fooling who?


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