Donald Trump Tramples Over Hillary Clinton With a Stunning Victory

By Juma Fred / November 9, 2016

Donald J Trump has emerged victorious in the just conclude United States of America elections in results that have shocked the world.

Hillary Clinton who was ahead of Donald Trump according to opinion polls in the United States of America was expected to win the final lap with a lot ease but the billionaire populist appears to have tapped into the hearts of many Americans who openly distanced themselves from him and secretly admired him.

Donald Trump by the time of going to the press was at 48 percent compared to 47.2 percent of his opponent Hillary Clinton showing how tight the elections were.

Mr. Trump has been controversial all through his campaigns following his utterances on migrants and women in general and his political opponents had banked on that to bring him down.

During his campaign, he had said that he would construct a wall between Mexico and the United States of America to deter migrants from Mexico coming to the USA.

He also threatened that he would ban the entry of all Muslims into the united states as he blamed them for the terror activities going on around the world.

“I want to make America great again,” Trump said while giving his speech at the Trump Headquarters immediately after Hillary Clinton had conceited defeat.

On Tuesday, the markets across the world were already in a panic mood as investors chickened out following a possible win of Donald J Trump who many economic analysts say his election will affect the global economy.

The dollar dropped against the yen for the first time. The Mexican peso on the other had went lower than ever before given the Trumps remarks of building a wall between the two countries.

In Kenya, the shilling gained value against the USD by 0.04 percent to 101.62, as US voting continues to elect the next 45th President with Donald Trump being on the lead. Markets have made no secret that they would prefer a steady head of continuation in the top office in the World’s largest economy.

What will happen now that Donald Trump is President of America? Only time will tell.

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