You Are the President of Kenya, Not Jubilee Party and Politics

By Juma Fred / November 7, 2016


Mr. President, how are you? I hope you are fine. I would have preferred to have come to Statehouse and deliver this message to you personally but I long realized that a common man like me cannot be able to penetrate behind those highly guarded walls of the House on Hill. I hope you will be able to read this though. If not, some of your staunch brigade will read it on your behalf.

I have been watching you for some time Mr. President. I have listened to your talk on several occasions, I have watched your body language from a distance on several occasions too. I had convinced myself that I will ignore and look the other way. I have tried but I think am now sick and tired on pretending that am not seeing and hearing all these.

Mr. President sir, with due respect, I think you are becoming petty. Yes, I mean it, of late, you have become petty and appearing to forget that you are the President of the Republic of Kenya and confining to regional and party politics. Let me hope your abled men and women around you will not take me to court and accuse me of disrespecting the presidency.

Mr. President, during this year’s Mashujaa Day celebrations that was held in Machakos County, you disappointed many and I support them. Despite honoring many heroes and heroines during that important day in the history of Kenya, you omitted three names when it came to the second liberation of this country. You left out Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, his son Raila Amolo Odinga and Tom Joseph Mboya. Did you tell your speechwriter to omit the names or was it just a typing error? Let me tell you my dear Mr. President, facts are never wished away and you cannot mention the second liberation without mentioning the Oginga family. History will judge you on that and history judges harshly.

Mr. President, first let me thank you for introducing the Statehouse Summit forums where critical issues concerning the economy of this country are discussed. For the first time, issues concerning corruption are discussed and condemned at Statehouse. During the Moi era, this was like going to unmask a ghost unarmed. But you have done it. I have no issues with the summit but I have an issue with the way you handled the summit that was duped #AccountabilityKE. People around you may not have told you this but Mr. President, that day, you failed terribly and even crushed the little hope that some of us had in you.

During that summit, you openly intimidated the Auditor General concerning the Eurobond fiasco. In fact, you did not call him by his constitutional title, you called him huyu (This one) and it showed how lightly you took the issue about the Eurobond billions. The nation borrowed more than 250 billion shillings, word has it that more than 100 billion shillings may have been lost and cannot be accounted for and you take it lightly? Do you know who is paying for that loan? It is the taxpayer and the taxpayer has the right to know what he is paying for. When you make such a joke and you see us laughing, we are not laughing but mourning from within. Do you remember saying that corruption was frustrating you? What about us? What should we say? You asked us to tell you what you should do… what do you want me to do? That was your question.

Mr. President, during the Jubilee Governing Council meeting that took place ta Bomas of Kenya, you showed another high degree of pettiness. According to my puny brain, that meeting was aimed at addressing the Jubilee party issues as well as appointing an interim team to run your party affairs. But Mr. President, you took the forum and went head on to attack Raila Amolo Odinga. From how you were speaking, one could clearly see personal hatred from the way you were emotional. You seemed as though you were high on something, emotions perhaps (I should not be misquoted here though. Am not ready to go to jail). I kept on asking myself, why does my beloved President hate Raila so much? Why does his Deputy, William Ruto, hate Raila even the more? And I told myself, if my President and his Deputy hated corruption with the same vigor they hated Raila, this country would be far economically.

Mr. President, When Raila brought out the issue of money having been looted at the National Youth Service, people from your inner circle came out, guns blazing and called the man all manner of names including, which you seemed to confirm that he is the Lord of Poverty. It came to pass, true to Raila Odinga’s word that there was actually massive looting at the National Youth Service. The Deputy President, William Samoei Ruto confirmed this recently not forgetting Farouk Kibet and Kipchumba Murkomen, people close to him have been adversely mentioned by Anne Waiguru, the lady at the center of the NYS Scam.

Raila also talked about the possible loss of more than 100 billion shillings from the Eurobond loan. As usual, people from your camp blasted him and called him names. Do you know what Mr. President? People down here believe him more than the noise your people are making. They believe that Eurobond was misappropriated. They believe that millions were stolen at the NYS and now they believe that more than five billion shillings may have been looted at the Health Ministry. In fact, there is a saying down here in the streets that if Raila tells you that your girlfriend is pregnant, even if you know it is not possible, start buying pampers and prepare for the child. People down here actually say that if Raila was not born, the country would have been milked dry especially under the Jubilee regime.

That is it for today Mr. President. God bless Kenyans and God bless Kenya.

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