Chanting and Drums of War Revived, It is Time to Mourn

By Juma Fred / December 28, 2016

Drums of war have been revived in Kenya. The chanting of war have already rented the air. The beats are beating, louder than ever before with an increasing crescendo each passing day and instead of Kenyans tearing their clothes and mourning, they are busy singing and dancing to the tune.

The whole of Friday and Saturday, I watched with utter shock as Kenyans took to the social media (Twitter to be specific) with a hashtag #NoRailaNoPeace. Following the conversation and seeing how Kenyans, most of them young people spewing venom, one ought to get worried.
The kind of talk that is going on online, be they sponsored or self-initiated, be they politically motivated or just sprouting from nowhere, is a dangerous talk. It is a true sound of war and blood is likely to flow come the year 2017.
The opposition, Coalition for Reforms and Democracy, CORD, through its leader Raila Odinga has already declared, loudly and clearly that “no transparency in the next General Elections, no elections.” The opposition has also said that January 4th 2017 will be a mass action day where leaders have called Kenyans to take to the streets to protest against the changes that were made on the election act, Electoral Law (Amendment) of 2016.
Already their supporters are fully charged to take to the streets come that day. People should be worried. A drum of war has already been sounded judging by the kind of conversation flying around the air.
When CORD called for demonstrations to call for the then, Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, IEBC, commissioner to vacate office, people died, many injured and property worth millions destroyed. That is bound to happen come 4th of January 2017.
The next elections are less than eight months away and hearing what politicians are breathing, one wonders whether in the 2007 they were still infants or just ignorant fools who don’t value about the common mwananchi at all but their own interests.
Jubilee, through its foot soldiers has vowed to retain power in 2017 and also in 2022. The opposition on the other hand says that it is either 2017 or never and have said that this time, they will not go to court if the elections will be tampered with.
“The kind of talk flying around is dangerous talk. Even though some believe that because we fought in 2007 and learned a lesson so we shall not fight again, but this seems inevitable. It seems Kenyans have already forgotten about 2007 and they want to bay for each others’ blood once again,” said Mr. Edward Kiptukhani, a teacher of Agriculture and Biology.
“We should not take lightly what the opposition is saying. We should not also ignore what Jubilee is doing. What both camps are doing is courting for war. We already hear sounds of war,” said Mr. Tom Kimingichi, a political aspirant in Bungoma County.
Vernacular radio stations in the country are also laying ground for war. Listening to some vernacular radio stations and the political messages that are being channeled out there, blood runs dry within my veins. Vernacular radio stations have been turned into polical mouthpieces with most of them being financed by politicians.
“These vernacular radio stations will one day drive this country to the dogs,” said Isaac Korir, a journalist in one of the vernacular radio stations in the country. “I tell you, there are some news items about certain politicians that you cannot read in some of these radio stations lest you are fired through the window,” he added.
Drums of war are beating. Chanting of war have already rented the air. Kenyans, let us mourn. Let us cry for our beloved country. Above all, let us not fight.
Happy new year and a merry Christmas.

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