Co-operative Bank of Kenya Amazes Customers with Christmas Melodies

By Juma Fred / December 16, 2016

I was sitting at Co-operative Bank of Kenya Coop House branch near the bomb blast waiting to be served when suddenly I noticed something ‘unusual.’

The guards at the door smiled at me and called me ‘boss’ before saying ‘welcome’. Inside the banking hall, activities were going as usual with the only difference being that the tellers had smiled written all over their faces.

Then it became clear. There was something in the offing. A melodious tune about the forthcoming Christmas started to play from the background, the momentum picked up with each rising beat. Then suddenly, smartly dressed ladies and gentlemen took to the floor, swaying their hip to the amazement of other customers. I could not resist nodding my head to the powerful music that was going down. Some customers joined in the music too. Their lender had taken them by surprise, giving them a powerful Christmas message in advance.

I had never seen a bank that has a staff with an amazing singing talent until today inside the Cooperative Bank of Kenya hall. I had also never seen a bank that has a staff that sings to customers, wishing them well during the festive season as well as giving them presents. It was an amazing experience and Cooperative Bank of Kenya is not like other financial institutions. Other banks know their customers but Cooperative Bank of Kenya, identifies, knows and values their customers.

The ‘unusual’ surprise was done at Coop House, City Hall and Kimathi branches bring businesses to a standstill for some minutes.

“This is just amazing,” said one customer.

“Cooperative Bank will kill me ooh!” said another lady sitting next to me.

“I feel like part of Cooperative Bank. This was just amazing. Seeing them singing and dancing, just melted my heart,” said another.

Kenyans on the social media also had a lot to say about the experience too using the hashtag #CoopBankFlashMob:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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