Cooperative Bank Of Kenya Connects With the #KenyanDiaspora Via Facebook

By Juma Fred / December 20, 2016

Cooperative Bank of Kenya is emerging as one of the largest financial institution that is fully utilizing the social media services to its own good as well as to that of the customers’.

From being the first financial institution in Kenya to comply with the interest capping law to the first bank to have a cheerful staff that used its great singing talent to entertain customers on 16th of December with melodious early Christmas tunes, the lender appears to be destined for greater things ahead.

The bank, on Tuesday 20th December 2016 broke the record by reaching out to Kenyans leaving in the diaspora through a live chat on Facebook to enlighten them on the investment opportunities that are available here back in Kenya. The bank which also has products that are specifically tailored towards serving Kenyans in the diaspora aims at making more Kenyans in the diaspora to invest back to their motherland.

Statistics show that many Kenyans in the diaspora despite having the will to want to invest back in the country, do not know of the investment opportunities that are available. Many Kenyans in the diaspora also lack people who they can trust to invest on their behalf and this is the space that Cooperative Bank of Kenya hope to fill.

Some of the investment opportunities in the financial sector that Cooperative Bank of Kenya has include investment in bonds, trade shares, treasury bills as well as custodial services. Late this year, Cooperative Bank of Kenya also revolutionized its mobile banking through the through its new Mco-op Cash App that enables customers to carry out all the banking services including applying and taking of loans all by themselves through their mobile phones.


Join the Cooperative Bank of Kenya today (Tuesday 20th December 2016) for a live Facebook Chat and learn more on why as a #KenyanDiaspora, you should invest back in Kenya.


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