Dear Mr. William Samoei Ruto,

By Juma Fred / December 6, 2016

How are you sir! I hope you are fine. Receive greetings from the men and women in the streets, from the men and women who strive to live below the poverty line and from the men and women who have no other choice but to seek medication in the ailing public health facilities.

I would have written this letter to you long time but my mother could not let me. Whenever I wanted to, she could look directly into my eyes and say, Son, you still have got years to live, but as the days moved on, I thought I should write. I already did the same to your boss, the President of the Republic of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta and to your political enemy former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Mr. Ruto, I salute you. You are the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya and I respect you on that account. History books will carry your name as the first Deputy President under the new constitution and that will never change. However, there are few things that I would like to bring to your attention. Very few things actually which you think that we don’t know but we do know.

Many people, especially in the political class are of the opinion that Kenyans are quick to react and quick to forget but Mr. Ruto, that was then not now. Now we see, comprehend and remember almost everything and we are ready to hold you to account for whatever you say and whatever you do.

I would like to ask you a few questions; Do you remember when the National Youth Service scandal first came up to the public limelight? Do you remember a lady called Anne Waiguru? Do you, at any time, remember protecting her and asking those who were talking about the NYS or those who had questions to either ask you directly or the President himself? And do you remember what you just said recently acknowledging that money was indeed stolen and carried in sacks like potatoes while presided over by Anne Waiguru? I think you do remember.

On Sunday, Mr. Ruto, you called on all political leaders to commit on a peaceful campaign period as well as a peaceful general election in the year 2017. That was a good message but my question is, do you believe in what you said? Am asking that because I have been following your meetings very keenly and in every meeting, you have never failed in blasting the opposition. You have called them all sorts of names including mganga meaning ‘witchdoctor‘ or ‘magician.’ How do you think supporters of the opposition feel when wherever you go, what you do is hurling insults at their leader? Is that a peaceful campaign? I remember telling President Uhuru Kenyatta the same when I reminded him that he was the President of the Republic of Kenya.

Mr. Ruto, I know you are a generous man. Am saying this basing on the number of Harambees that you have been presiding over donating huge amounts of money, some amounting to millions. Some people have complained and even others demanded for a lifestyle audit to be done on you. Of course, your supporters have told them off but I think those calling for the audit are right.

The man on the street is worried Mr. Deputy President. They are wondering where you are getting so much money. You say you are a generous man but your generosity is shocking us. In fact, there was time, my grandfather was advising me to start a church, invite you for harambee, you donate a million then I close the church and enter into business. Too bad the harambee duration has come to an end. I was actually buying into my grandfather’s ‘innovative‘ idea. I still ask the same question, where do you get all that money?

Mr. Deputy President, you also said that every corrupt official under the Jubilee administration will be brought to book. You are second in command. Do we have anyone who has been jailed for corruption? Let us start with the NYS, is there anyone in jail? I know your people will tell me that there are institutions to handle that and that you do not have the powers. Is it true that you do not have the powers to do anything in making sure that the corrupt are jailed? What is the use of having the laws that are toothless, that appear to be protecting the corrupt and jailing the poor? What is the use I ask? It is as if it is in the nature of Kenya and Kenyan institutions to protect and elect the big thieves into public offices and sent to jail the small thieves. Do you think this notion can be changed?

When you and President Uhuru Kenyatta came to power, people said that you came to power to protect yourselves from the International Criminal Court (ICC). Am sure you know that too. Of course, I disagreed with them for some time. I don’t want to go into the details, the point am trying to make is, the cases came to an end. You had nothing to worry but to serve Kenyans.

The question is, are you serving Kenyans? How are you serving them? I know. You will say that you are constructing the SGR, the roads and other infrastructures which is not bad. But tell me, how is a dying hungry man in Turkana going to put food on his table with the construction of SGR? How is a poor parent in Bungoma for instance going to pay school fees for his kids come next year with the construction of the SGR?

The point here is, the man on the street doesn’t give a damn of the SGR or the roads or what have you, but the basic needs. I like the way you often ask people in your rallies, “Tuko pamoja ama hatuko pamoja jamani?” And I will ask you the same, “Tuko pamoja ama hatuko pamoja?”

I had a lot to tell you Mr. Deputy President but time and space cannot allow me. I beg to pen down here with hope that you will read this letter and if not, one of your aide will.

Thank you,

Yours Faithfully,

The Man in the Streets.

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