How to Make Millions in 2017

By Juma Fred / December 30, 2016

2016 is becoming the past and 2017 is fast setting in. As the new year starts to role, what are some of the investment opportunities that one can invest in and make some good money?

They say that the business of doing business is a serious business and it entirely depends on the mind and focus of the person intending to partake the business.
In 2017, just like in 2016, there are business opportunities that can help one get hefty cash. Some of these opportunities are short-term while some are long-term, in fact, lifetime.
Here are some of them:

1. Real Estate

Real estate continues being the only business opportunity that is giving those who invest in double and at times triple digits in terms of returns. The real estate business in ripe in urban areas like Nairobi, Mombasa, Thika, Eldoret, Nakuru, Mlolongo is upcoming and the rest. The best form of houses to invest in are rentals.
People within these urban areas are always looking for houses to stay in and, in Nairobi, for instance, the houses are inadequate. One interesting thing to note is that for real estate, one can take a loan or a mortgage and still pay comfortably from the returns.

Be warned:

In major towns and cities like Nairobi, there is a hang of cartels and land grabbers who are leasing and selling out other people’s land. The sad thing is that some County Government officials and those from the National Government are involved. Before releasing any money to buy land or a house, be careful. Be patient and follow all the procedures and the law.

2. Agriculture

Many people still don’t think that agriculture is the best investment opportunity. But people are making millions from this sector. Go to Kiambu and also in Rift Valley, most millionaires in these regions are farmers. The difference between a poor farmer and a rich farmer are priorities.
In Western Kenya for instance, most farmers are poor because they plant maize. They believe that without planting maize, one is not a farmer enough. Very few farmers in this region practice horticulture as well as dairy farming which is giving people millions of shillings elsewhere.
There are numerous opportunities under the agricultural sector. Find out what you can do best but think twice before you think of investing in the farming of maize.

3. Tenders

You have people talking about tenders hence the common phrase now, “lipa kama tender.” However, am not talking about government tenders.
Government tenders are there too, profitable but let us face the reality, they are full of corruptible deals. Only those with power and connections can access government tenders and let no one cheat you that we are equal before government tenders.
The tenders that I would like you to think of in 2017 are the “small tenders” like those of being a supplier at a secondary school or a college. Schools will be reopening and suppliers will be needed either for uniforms, foodstuffs, learning materials and the rest. Try your best to get them. Go to your local school and ask for it. Though most of the institutions take time to pay, but they pay at long last.

4. Insurance Services

If there are people who make and receive “free millions” with minimum sweating are those in the insurance sector.
People are ever taking up insurance services either for cars, education for their kids, for their business and many other things.
As the 2017 general elections approaches, businesses are keen to take up insurances. With the political temperatures mounting, businesses are at risk of going down in flames as it happened in 2007. If you have the cash to set up an insurance company fast, then focus on insuring small and big businesses against violence and vandalism and you will see how opportunities will trickle your way.

5. The Matatu Business

Some will brush this off and say that the sector is flooded and that there is no money in the business. If there is no money coming from the business, why do you think the sector is flooded? Because their is money. Again, it is all about priorities and the routes that you want your vehicle to ply.
Buy a matatu, join a SACCO, hire trustworthy people (which is difficult), give them a daily target when they must always reach ( not too high and not too low), then sit back and start receiving the cash. Remember to tell those who will be operating your vehicle that apart from the daily target, your vehicle should always be filled full tank with fuel at the end of the day. Monthly services for the vehicle are taken care by the SACCOs and you have nothing to worry about that.

Other Businesses Worth Investing in

Wedding and event organization, PR services for the corporates, starting a school or a college and selling of cars.

Businesses to avoid in 2017

Politics. Don’t rush to invest into politics unless you are so sure about it.
Shares. In 2016, most people who invested in shares made huge losses because businesses performed dismally. Shares have no returns unless it is in a big company like Safaricom and you can afford to purchase many shares.

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