IEBC Commissioner To Go Home With 315 Million Shillings in Perks

By Juma Fred / December 6, 2016

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) commissioners will exit office with the taxpayer having to foot their sendoff package of 315.4 million shillings.

The commissioners who were due to retire by November 2017 after the next general elections will have to be paid for the remaining duration after their term was cut short from the push by the opposition, Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) in conjunction with religious leaders as well as the civil societies.

According to the Treasury, the money to pay the outgoing commissioners will come from the Consolidated Fund with each commissioner pocketing an average of 35 million shillings in terms of salaries and other benefits for the remaining period.

The commissioners are Issack Hassan who is the chairman, Lilian MahiriZaja who is the vice chairperson, Albert Bwire, Yusuf Nzibo, Kule Galma Godana, Abdullahi Sharawe, Mohamed Alawi, Muthoni Wangai and Thomas Letangule.

The next general election is less than a year away and the new commissioners are expected to be in office before the end of this year. The new commissioners will have to be paid better than the outgoing commissioners meaning that the taxpayer will have to dig deeper into the pockets to keep the electoral body going.

In other news, the strike for doctors and nurses has entered its day two on Tuesday as patients in public hospital continue suffering with no one to attend to them. On day one, at least eight people are said to have died from different parts of the country due to the ongoing strike.

In Bungoma, a security guard helped an expectant mother to deliver after she was left reeling in pain with no one to attend to her while in Murang’a a mother gave birth at the gate of Murang’a District Hospital as the striking health workers watched.

More than 50 mentally ill patients from Mathare Mental Hospital are still on the run after they broke out from the institution following the strike. Talks for doctors and nurses to return to work are ongoing.

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