The Making of the National Super Alliance at the Bomas of Kenya

By Juma Fred / January 12, 2017

Opposition leaders converged at the Bomas of Kenya in what has been termed as a replica of the year 2002 when all the opposition parties came together and ganged against the then government of the day, Kenya African National Union (KANU) led by Uhuru Kenyatta who had been endorsed by the then outgoing President Daniel Toroitich Arab Moi.

Barely seven months before the next General Elections, politicians are gearing up and muzzling troops in their respective camps. The opposition has come up with a movement called the National Super Alliance (NASA) which they hope to use and the main weapon and vehicle to send the Jubilee Administration out of power.

NASA, the brainchild of the Amani Congress Party Musalia Mudavadi seems to already be sending jitters down the Jubilee Administration camp. This is evident in the manner in which the government has been going full force against the None Governmental Organizations (NGOs) which according to President Uhuru Kenyatta during his Jamhuri address to the nation accused them of planning to interfere with the next general election under the pretense of offering civic education. The ruling party, led by President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Samoei Ruto have been traversing the opposition’s strongholds, launching various projects, some finished and others unfinished in an effort to lure more supporters.

Speaker after speaker took on the Jubilee administration’s unfulfilled promises blaming it for bringing the economy of the country to its knees. They blamed the Jubilee government for cultivating the art of runaway corruption in the country citing he MoH Scandal, the Eurobond saga as well as the National Youth Service scandal where despite the immense evidence, no one has been brought to book.

David Ndii, an economist who spoke at the event said that the Jubilee administration has perfected the art of stealing and are trying as much as possible to paint Kenyans with the same impunity. “They are giving us stolen money in churches and harambees so that we can all be the same and marred in the mad of corruption.” Concerning the Standard Gauge Railway, Mr. Ndii said that Kenyans were being taken for a ride. He said that for the same amount of Money that Kenya has used to construct 120 kilometers’ railways with a diesel driven locomotive, Morocco used it to construct 300 kilometers electrified railway with electrified locomotives.

The Jubilee camp on the other hand has planned for a similar meeting on Friday in what has been termed as an effort to counter the opposition’s Wednesday meeting. Critics to the opposition argue that the oppositions seem to only have one agenda; plucking the Jubilee government from power and that they have no at any given point given an alternative solution. Questions also still remain on who will be the flagbearer of the now ‘united’ opposition with all indications pointing toward Raila Odinga as a possible flagbearer.

If the opposition will hold together, only time will tell.


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