New Year’s Resolutions and how to Achieve them

By Juma Fred / January 2, 2017

2017 is here. People thought it will never come but, finally, it has. The year may change, calendars may change but people remain the same until they do something different.

Every beginning of a new year, many people, especially Kenyans, have a habit of outlining what they would love to achieve as the year progresses. These are resolutions. Social media enthusiasts call them new year’s resolutions.

Some who set out resolutions when 2016 was beginning, implemented nothing from them and in 2017, they are at it again, outlining the 2017 new year’s resolutions. Some are even more confused whether among the 2017 resolutions, they should include the implementation of the 2016 resolutions.

Some had dreams to get married in 2016, 2017 has gotten them still single and going strong. Some purposed to get jobs at the beginning of 2016, January 2017, they are still hitting the road. Some even, held onto the faith after their church pastor told them that 2016 was their year of miracles. They clung onto that faith until the midnight of 31st December 2016 and now they seem to have lost hope.

It is not hard to say what one’s new year’s resolutions are. The hardest thing in life is to implement the resolutions one has set. What should you do then, in order to make sure that the resolutions to set in 2017 will not be among the resolutions you intend to set in 2018?

First, you need discipline. When you lay out a resolution, it is a goal you have set. To stick to that goal to its realization requires discipline. Discipline will not let you divert from whatever you have purposed to achieve simply because you have seen something simpler than that.

You need to have a plan. A plan to achieve a goal is like a compass. If you don’t know where you are going, every road will take you there. You want to get a job in 2017, yes, but what is your plan? Are you just going to sit there and wait for that dream job look for you? What is your plan towards making sure that you get that job?

You need the right company. Remember, a mirror reflects a man’s face but what he really is is measured by the kind of people and friends he surrounds himself with. Who is closer to you? Is it a person who shares the same dream as you? Is the person a failure who will be the first time to tell you how?

Lastly, you need resources. Some goals, in order to realize them, you need the necessary resources. Say you want to start a business during this year. A business is an investment that needs capital and everything pertaining the same. You need to have the resources that will make you realize that.

Set out your new year’s resolutions. Set as many of them as you can but remember, at the end of the year, what you will have achieved is what will count.


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