Why Social Media is Vital For Brand Creation and Visibility

By Juma Fred / January 9, 2017

The social media train long left the station and it is taking over the world by storm. The mainstream media is worried and the formal traditional media is being done away with.

People in the present world get their news from the social media first before confirming it with the mainstream media and in many occasions, the mainstream media has relied on social media as a credible new source.

Almost all business around the world have acknowledged the power of social media in marketing for their services, products as well as pushing for brand awareness. Social media has taken over all the marketing platforms and doing away with the mainstream media and those that have failed to adopt to the changing trends being faced out.

According to The Content Factory, social media marketing has a 100 percent higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. What this statement means that comparing to other traditional marketing channels like the use of individual marketers, radios, televisions as well as newspapers, social media gives maximum results, 100 percent to be exact. No other medium of marketing offers 100 percent results as social media.


A business that is not on social media is like a man who is busy winking and smiling at a beautiful girl in total darkness. Many business owners ask whether they need social media exposure for their businesses at all and majority of them go on to say that they do not need social media for their businesses. The truth is that the world has tremendously changed in terms of technology and almost all businesses have embraced it.

What are some of the social media platforms that are common for business marketing and one that give you maximum positive results?

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. Google Plus (Google +)
  5. SnapChart
  6. WhatsApp
  7. LinkedIn
  8. Telegram
  9. YouTube
  10. Websites (depending on the kind of the website)

Of the above mentioned mostly used social media platforms, the most common ones are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and to some extent YouTube. In most countries, Kenya included, marketing by use of Google Plus (Google +) is yet to be embraced.

In Kenya, many businesses use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to market their products and services. Twitter, however, comes out as the main effective tool in marketing of a product or a service followed by Facebook.

Importance of marketing and building of a brand via Twitter.

Twitter is one of the mostly used tool in the business world in terms of marketing products and services. In Kenya, most businesses have promoted their services through the development of hashtags or through pushing of key messages that then go viral to reach a larger audience. Twitter has the following advantages over other platforms:

  • Cheap and affordable

Twitter is cheap and affordable as compared to tradition media in terms of marketing. In most cases, it is absolutely free especially when one has a team of his own with credible twitter accounts. The use of social media influencers is one of the best ways to maximize the ability of twitter to market a product or a service. Social media influencers are people who are active on social media platforms for both social and economic purposes, majority of whom are paid a certain amount of money to push for a certain product or service.

  • A wide range of audience

By using twitter, a product or a service stands a chance to reach a wide range of audience within a short time as compared to the mainstream media. Many people in the present world, especially the young generation, are on twitter and are always eager and curious to check out for any new information, products and services.

  • Timeliness and durability

Information posted on twitter is durable and timely. By durable, it means that there is room for future references mostly by search of a key work. Mostly, hashtags are generated and used making it easier to refer to the information or the conversation at a later stage.

Why social media is important in marketing

You will get more sales. The core essence of marketing is to generate sales and social media platforms are good at that. Economic analysts say that 70 percent of customers to many businesses are gotten through social media platforms especially Facebook. They also say that 84 percent of Chief Executive Officers and VPs use social media platforms to help them make decisions on what to purchase for their customers. Social media keeps your products constantly in front of the customers raising all the chances of influencing decision making when purchasing a product or a service.

Social media helps you to create a niche market. This is an audience that you would specifically like to target your products or services to. Through the creations of ads for instance, one is able to customize on things such as geographical locations and specify the type of audience likely to make purchasing decisions. Ads on platforms such as Facebook, allows one to target a certain location, education level, industry as well as time of appearance.


Social media helps customers to find you. Many people are on social media. Most are on social media specifically checking out for what is new and what can be purchased. Maintaining a constant online presence helps them to find you, identify with your product or services and subscribe to it. Social media also helps to create brand loyalty. You will be able to create a cloud of loyal customers around yourself by the use of social media.

Social media helps you to address customer needs and concerns promptly. Being on social media is like being in touch with your customers and conversing one on one. This way, you will be able to promptly notice any concerns from your customers, address them and build confidence in them in your products and services.

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