Dear God, Kenya Needs You Now

By Juma Fred / February 3, 2017

Dear God, our Everlasting Father who sees where the human eye cannot see and one who knows what we need even before we ask of it, I come before you seeking your attention and guidance.

Dear God, I know you know what am about to ask even before I ask. I know you do not read blogs and websites but you read the mind. Am writing this on this website but am also writing what is on my mind and I know that you are aware of it already.

Dear God, the health sector in this country needs you. The medical practitioners have been on strike for more than 61 days now. We have pleaded with our government to intervene but nothing has been coming forth. People are dying, people are suffering and I don’t need to tell you everything about the strike because you know everything about it. What can we do God? Give us the way forward.

Dear God, the drought is upon us again. More than 1.4 million of us are facing hunger and starvation with more than 2 million being in danger as February sets in. Our animals are dying and there is no water for even quench our thirst. Our leaders are busy campaigning wanting us to register as voters. They don’t give a dam of whether we are dying or surviving provided we register as voters. You know that too God.

Dear God, this nation is now among the top corrupt countries in the world. God, you hate the corrupt and you detest those who’s their ways are crooked. You hate and detest untrustworthy scales and you do not stand a scheming heart. This nation has chosen the crooked way and we have lost your precious path. Corruption is now in every sector. It has become one of our extra DNA. Oh God, the saddest thing about this corruption is that it has found its way in your Church too. Preachers have been accepting stolen money from politicians and now, it is you alone that we are looking forward to. Help us God.

Dear God, remember our soldiers in Somalia. Many of them are dying. The government doesn’t want to tell us the exact number. Last year, many of them died. The government did not tell us the exact number. Many other have died again. Still the government is not telling us the exact number. God, has life become so useless that when 50 people die we say the number is nine? God, this nation needs you now.


Father, hear my prayer,



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