Why Requesting for Services on Online Marketplaces is Cheaper than Looking for them Physically

By Juma Fred / February 28, 2017


The train of technology long left the station, most parts of the world long jumped on board and the dream of making the world a global village is now a reality.

If there is something brilliant ever invented in the world of business, then it is online marketplaces. These are online platforms acting like real “markets” while offering services and goods to interested buyers.

The idea of online marketplace is yet to take root in Kenya especially in the rural areas. The idea, however, is rocking in major cities and towns in Kenya.

Many Kenyans, especially in urban centers, find it easy and convenient to request for a service or a product via online platforms as compared to having to physically search for the same.

It is a common thing nowadays for people to request for a cake, pizza or a phone via online and the product is delivered within a specific time. Online marketplaces for services have now also emerged and Kenyans have started to embrace the idea of requesting for services that they seek, as opposed to physically looking for them. People can now request for services such as photography, website development, professional cooks, or even dog training.

The fastest growing platform in Kenya for requesting services is fivesok.co.ke; and how it works is that one simply visits the platform, describes the service that they are seeking, and then instantly receive applications from the people that wish to fulfill them.

Some of the advantages include:

  1. Time. Online marketplaces helps cut down the usual time spent looking for any services because all one has to do is to submit their request, and wait for the experts to send their applications.
  2. Security. It is more secure to request for a service online, especially in terms of payments. The payment is usually made through the platform and is safely held it until the job has been delivered.
  3. Affordable. Most services and products on online marketplaces are more affordable than those found in shops or if one was in touch with the service provider.
  4. Full responsibility. Most online marketplaces take full responsibility in case the product or the service is not done to the satisfaction of the buyer. In other words, they deal with the seller on behalf of the seller.


 Example of an online marketplace that provides service only.

There are some few platforms in Kenya that deal solely with provision of services to potential people in need of them.

The most popular platform in Kenya is FiveSok, an online marketplace that helps young people to post their skills and talents for potential buyers to hire them; or for service seekers to request for the services that they are seeking. FiveSok is very convenient for people that are looking for small scale services in almost all fields.

OLX is another good example of an online marketplace in Kenya. This platform allows Kenyans to buy and sell mostly secondhand things like phones and furniture. Jumia is also very common among the phone lovers. The platform allows people to order electronic accessories which are in turn delivered to them.



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