Stanbic Holdings Post Kshs 4.4 B Pretax Profit 2016 FY


Stanbic Holdings posted pretax profit of Kshs 4.4 billion for the 2016 financial year period from Ksh 7.36 billion in 2015.

Total income rose to 18.52 billion shillings from 16.94 billion shillings a year before, while net interest income rose to Ksh 10.86 billion from Ksh 9.30 billion.

It said credit impairment costs jumped to 1.75 billion shillings from 907.31 million shillings in 2015, while earnings per share fell to 11.18 shillings from 12.41 shillings in 2015.

Stanbic 2016FY Results

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