Car & General Increases Footprint in East Africa

By Soko Directory Team / March 15, 2017


Car & General (C&G) has consolidated its business with Cummins to increase its East African market footprint. The consolidation is a 50:50 joint venture that begins in April 2017, will see the outfit renamed to Cummins Car & General. Cummins, an American based manufacturer specializes in engines and power systems.

The joint venture will consolidate business around sales, service and support of Cummins products in East Africa. Cummins C&G Limited’s region of responsibility will cover Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Djibouti, Eritrea, Somalia and Seychelles.

“We view this joint venture partnership as a critical milestone in the close business relationship we have developed with Cummins over the years. We believe our core business and community values are aligned, and see this partnership as a unique opportunity to solidify market leadership in our existing territories and capture market share where we are still building our presence. This new partnership is truly a win-win proposition – for Cummins, for us and for our customers” said Vijay Gidoomal, Managing Director of Car & General.

“For 11 years, Car & General has been the Cummins’ dealer for genset market. We have been leveraging our existing network to establish a strong presence in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The genset market has since grown to over 15% market share.  Over the years, Car & General has gained distribution rights for Cummins’ full range of products and services,” Mr. Vijay added.

Car & General have developed strong local market knowledge, experience and capabilities; and Cummins brings brand strength, technical expertise and proven policies and processes to the new partnership.  Together, the new Cummins C&G business aims to deliver superior customer sales, service and support in East Africa.

Commenting on the partnership, Gino Butera, Managing Director and Vice President of Cummins Africa Middle East, said, “We are excited to partner with C&G. Over the past 10 years, they have grown the Cummins distribution business in East Africa and we see untapped growth opportunities to expand Cummins’ customer support in the region”.


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