Five Key Tips When Starting a Business with Limited Capital

By Juma Fred / March 7, 2017


Entrepreneurs often have great business ideas, but they usually put them on hold due to inadequate funds. The assumption is that their idea will never be put in motion unless they receive major funding.

However, that should not be the case because any venture can grow with the little available resources.

Here are five tips that can help you get your idea off the ground with limited funds.

  1. Build your business around what you know.

Instead of venturing off into the unknown territory, make sure that you build your business around your skills and knowledge. The less you have to rely on outside sources the better. When your business is built around your own personal expertise you it helps in elimination of consultants and outside assistance. 


  1. Inform your confidants about your new venture

Inform your family, friends, business contacts and colleagues about your business. Friends and family members can help you spread the word to fellow professionals. This is a type of grassroots marketing which can help introduce your company to a much larger audience.

  1. Don’t spend everything

When starting a business, you are going to have plenty of expenses. The good thing is that some of this expenses can be avoided. Take something as simple as business cards. Being frugal in the beginning can be the difference between success and a failed business.


  1. Avoid debts

There is a smart way and a suicidal way to use credit when starting a business. Instead of purchasing everything at once and throwing it all on a credit card, use your company’s revenue to finance your expenses. Eliminating the stress and burden of debt will greatly increase the chances of creating a successful venture.

  1. Dedication

When you are starting a business with little capital you must be prepared to dedicate everything you have into making profit. This translates to cold calling, dealing with billing and accounting, handling customer support and other responsibilities. You will have to wear many hats meaning that majority of your time and energy will be dedicated to the business.

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