Lucrative Investment Opportunities in Narok County

By Soko Directory Team / March 17, 2017

Narok County is the home to Mau forest, one of the most important water towers in Kenya and an important source of water and livelihood to the growing population and the Maasai Mara Ecosystem.

The county is located on the south Rift north of Tanzania. The main economic activity is farming producing 40 percent of wheat, maize and Barley which is consumed in Kenya. Tourism is also a contributor to the county’s economy, with most income being contributed by the Maasai Mara National Reserve. It hosts a number of luxurious hotels, lodges, and clubs and camp sites

For those who reside outside the country’s capital city investing in the counties has been the next strategy. Narok County whose headquarter is Narok Town which is a major commerce center in the county and offers plenty of investment opportunities in Kenya.

With Narok county being ranked as the second best place to set up a business in the whole east Africa due to its friendly people, land reforms and ease of licensing, its simply the best place to take your next investment. Below are some of the investment opportunities in Narok County:

Real estate; investing in real estate In Narok county will yield good results considering tourism is one of the major contributors to its economy. Rental houses and lodges, hotels, Pubs and camp Sites are in high demand due to the high number of tourists flowing in to tour the Maasai Mara game reserve.

Fish farming is a good potential in Narok because of its good climatic conditions, availability of enough water and space. It’s easy to manage, it doesn’t require a lot of human labor and it has good returns.

Agro biz industries and livestock biz industries: Farming in the county is known to be one of the highest producers of meat, barley, maize and barley. With this there’s availability of raw materials and man power/ human labor needed in this particular areas.

Investing in Abattoirs and leather industries Narok County is known for its strong cultural attachment to live stock keeping hence the need to invest in value addition in livestock farming hence the great opportunity to set up an abattoir and leather industry.

Dairy industry a golden opportunity to be exploited because there’s enough land to grow animal feeds, good climate which makes it a high potential area for dairy farming.

Processing factory: processing factory for potato and onion Narok County if known for large scale production potatoes and onions which are highly consumable products. a processing factory for onion and potatoes is highly desirable.

Wheat industry and corporative: Narok County is the bread basket of Kenya and to bring the potential out by industrializing in the sector. Corporative in the will make it easy for the investor to access produce from the farmers. 67 percent production of wheat is from the county. The corporative will also produce, outsource and benefit the people by giving the farmers better prices for their wheat. This will create employment, bring better returns, and reduction on transportation cost.

When you want to invest choose Narok County to invest in. with all resources, recognition, global acclaim, unrivaled topography and potential, Narok County is undeniably the best county to invest in Kenya.

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Written by Amina Martha.


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