Local manufacturers’ partners with Jumia an E-Commerce platform

By Soko Directory Team / March 17, 2017


Jumia an online e-commerce platform has unveiled a program that will see local made goods penetrate through the market, increase consumption and have leverage on firm’s network.

A partnership was formed between the e-commerce platform and Kenyan local manufacturers. Among the local manufacturers who formed the partnership include Chandaria industries, Alladin World of Brands, Bantu Shoe, Tropical Heat, Bata and Darling Hair.

These local manufacturers will see their products featured expeditiously under the Jumia Local feature which will market and make known their product. This will in turn promote the sales of goods made in Kenya.

According to Abigail Bundi, Local Jumia Manager, the manufacturing industries in Kenya bring great benefits to the overall economy and this kind of program seeks to support the entrepreneurs who invest in Kenya by clearly labeling their products giving consumers the chance to buy and use local goods.

Jumia will charge one per cent commission for products sold through its platform for the first three months, after which the figure will be reviewed in response to market demand.

Kenya Association of Manufacturers chief executive Phyllis Wakiaga called on local manufacturers to leverage on the e-commerce platforms to boost product visibility and to push the “buy Kenya” agenda.

The program will be used as a tool to work towards having numerous products listed by the manufacturing sector. This is a way of encouraging a culture of buying Kenyan products to help build Kenyan economy through the Jumia e-commerce platform and also use the platform to brand local manufactured products for the international market.

This will be a great step for the local manufacturing industries that get low returns through high competition brought about by imported products.

Written by Amina Martha.


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