Is the President’s Act of Public Anger Justified?

By Soko Directory Team / March 14, 2017

Just before the president’s speech at the Coast recently, we witnessed him do and say words that do not suit a person in his seat. The president’s recent act of public anger is insulting to Kenyans. But what could have triggered the president’s usual reserved and collected act to burst into anger making him insult and utter insulting comments. The president is currently under pressure considering that the general election is just a few months away and he has a little to show for the five years his government has been in power.

In March 4, 2013, Kenya successfully concluded peaceful elections under the new constitution of Kenya promulgated in 2010 ushering in new leadership under a devolved system of government, tasked with revamping economic growth and implementing the new constitution while seeking to deliver on the promises made to Kenyans during their campaign.

The jubilee manifesto promised prosperity and opportunity for all based on unity, the economy and openness. Its aims were to: eliminate ethic division, keep Kenya safe and secure from terrorists, make Kenya a strong partnership with Africa, secure Kenyan legacy as a sporting nation, celebrate its culture, empower youths and women, leverage Kenya’s ICT, build an enterprise economy, land reforms, securing energy, protecting the environment, providing decent housing for all, creating world-class transport and infrastructure system, improving governance and securing devolution, protecting citizens right and freedom, ending corruption, creating jobs, extending basic services of water and electricity to all Kenyans . This manifesto was good to be true, although the government can’t be fully blamed for not fully implementing and realizing their promises for they have done a great deal in the country especially in infrastructure development.

The president had also promised to build up five international stadiums to promote talent among young people; the idea is yet to be implemented not forgetting it would have promoted sports tourism both local and international would have used it as training ground, free Wi-Fi in all major towns; known as a digital government, it promised enhancement in digital learning to the youths and nothing much has been done. Zero tolerance on corruption; corruption is rampant in Kenya from the NYS scandal, Eurobond, land grabbing of public land and the list is endless.  Creation of one million jobs yearly; all we see is unemployment all over, connection of electricity to all Kenyans across the grid but all this if not all are yet to be implemented. Did the president and the deputy president bite more than they can chew?

The public has lost confidence with the government for showing no commitment to the promises it made during the 2013 election campaigns. There is a big outcry in the country because the government has done little or in that matter failed to deliver. The Kenyan economy has been slowly drifting from the stable growth it had when the new government took over from retired president Mwai’s regime. Inflation is rising rapidly and now most Kenyan citizens can’t afford a single meal a day. Inflation is aggravating the poverty levels in the country; this has a negative impact on the country’s economic growth. Kenya is into more high interest debts which the current president has had to borrow to boost the Kenyan economy and development. Kenya’s population has been drastically growing with the population of youth which the current government represent is hiking.

With the government having to take up so much in a single moment; drought, famine, insecurity, corruption, unemployment and an ever-accumulating national debt, the president is under a lot of pressure having to explain to the citizens what went wrong with the fulfillment of their party’s election manifesto. Were all the promises just a way of getting elected into the government? Kenyans should vote in the right leaders at both the local and national levels in the fothcoming election. It is your right. It is your life. It is your future.

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Written by Amina Martha.


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