Profile Your County With Soko Directory and Let Your Political Agenda Be Known

By Juma Fred / March 17, 2017

Starting next week, Soko Directory Investments will be profiling all the 47 counties in Kenya till the general election. We will be looking at devolution, the steps undertaken by various county governments in enhancing devolution and why devolution should be protected at all costs.

We shall be featuring County Governments, County Governors, County Senators, Members of Parliament who are in power and seeking re-election. We shall help them tell their people what they have done for them, what they are doing and why they should be elected back in office.

We shall also be featuring pollical aspirants from gubernatorial aspirants to MCAs to help them channel out their manifestos and why they want to be elected in office.

If you are a sitting Governor and you will like your county to be featured, tell your people what you have done for them, what you are doing for them, what you will do for them if reelected. In simple terms we shall be telling people your scorecard with your telling your own story.




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