Requesting Services Via Online Marketplaces is the New Thing in Town

By Juma Fred / March 14, 2017

internet and communication technology (ict)

FiveSok is a Kenyan online marketplace that connects service seekers to experts of small services, and vice versa. The platform essentially enables anyone that is looking for any sort of service such as graphic designing and tutoring, to find the experts with ease. FiveSok gives users the convenience of finding experts for small scale at an affordable price.

Why should you find an expert via FiveSok?

  1. FiveSok has thousands of experts on its platform. This means that you have thousands of services to browse through and see which one fits your project or service.
  2. Requesting for a service enables several qualified people to submit their applications to fulfill the service that you are seeking. This reduces the time spent searching and gives you the convenience of selecting the experts that are most suitable for the job.
  3. Skills provided by experts on FiveSok range from 500 shillings to 5,000 shillings. What this means is that the experts and their skills are affordable. Can you imagine having something done professionally for you for as little as 500 shillings?
  4. Prices are not cast on stone. One thing with FiveSok is that, despite the experts on it being affordable, they are still open to negotiations. This means that if the quoted price is 5,000 for instance, the expert may end up doing it for you for 3,500 depending on your bargaining power. After all, we are Kenyans and as Kenyans, we must bargain.
  5. It takes far less time to find an expert on FiveSok than looking for them physically. All you need to do is to request for the service that you seek, and the experts will come to you.
  6. With FiveSok, your money is safe until you have received the service. Once you make the payment through the platform, FiveSok holds your money until the job has been delivered, before releasing it to the seller.

The world is now all about technology. If you have not shaped in, you will soon shape out.

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