Top Ten Online Marketplaces in Kenya Giving Malls and Companies a Run for their Money

By Juma Fred / March 22, 2017


Many people hate doing shopping manually in physical shops. As the saying goes, time is money and no one is ready to waste a valuable time searching for a single item or a service. Online marketplaces have taken root in Kenya especially in major cities like Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu and across all major urban centers in the country.

In Kenya, there are two kinds of online marketplaces that are widely used by most people. There are online marketplaces that deal with service requests and delivery only and those that deal with the sale and delivery of products.

Here are the top ten online marketplaces in Kenya:

  1. Jumia

Jumia is said to be the largest online shop in Kenya. It is also said to be the pioneer of online shopping in Kenya. The ‘shop’ has a wide selection of mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops and fashion across all genders and ages. The site, upon a successful purchase, does the delivery of the purchased product.

  1. Kilimall

KiliMall is a replica of Jumia. It sells similar products as those found on Jumia and the mode of delivery upon purchase is almost similar with the only difference being in terms of prices.

  1. FiveSok

FiveSok is a Kenyan online marketplace that, contrary to all other marketplaces, sells purely services. The site does not own any of the services posted; but provides an avenue for people to reach out to freelance experts for almost anything, including services such as web development, tutoring, dog training, business consultation, etc. Requesting for a service through the platform enables experts to submit applications to fulfill it. The site allows individuals and groups to post their skills and talents and their site with a price ranging from Ksh 500 and Ksh 5000. It also allows individuals looking for small scale experts to find them on their site through requests a price that is open to bargaining.

  1. Rupu

This is the online site in Kenya that is often described as the site of deals or the deals site. This site gives its visitors a glimpse of highly discounted offers on goods and services across the market.

  1. Jumia Market

This is different from the traditional Jumia. This is like an online ‘open air market’ marketplace where any seller can join and sell their products on the site. On Jumia Market, one can find anything including secondhand items.

  1. Star Classifieds

This is the enables advertisers to post their advertisements on both products and services and be able to reach a targeted audience.

  1. Chinabuy

This has been described as a large online shopping mall for goods and products from China. The site is popular in Kenya for traders and individuals who order for products such as electronics from China. The site is known for delivering the purchased products and in dealing with original gadgets.

  1. Foodplus

This site is run by Chandarama Supermarket. The site gives an opportunity to buyers to purchase fresh food, meat, snacks, wines and all kinds of drinks as well as health and beauty products that are delivered to the buyer.

  1. Pigiame

Pigiame works the same way as OLX but it deals in both new and secondhand products especially electronics and wares. As the name suggests, the platform connects buyers to sellers where the buyer, upon being interested in a certain product, will contact the seller directly.

  1. OLX

This is a platform with its origins in Nigeria but which has taken root in Kenya. Different from other marketplaces, OLX allows users to post their items, most secondhand items and are in touch with the buyer directly. The site enables people to sell a wide range of products mostly electronics and furniture.

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