Trump’s USA: Tough Immigration Policies or Discrimination against African Nations?

By Soko Directory Team / March 20, 2017

The US government has denied visas to over 100 African delegates from attending a trade summit over the tough immigration policies.

A report from the Voice of America says that the delegates, from whom many of them are government officials and business leaders, were denied were denied a chance to go to America to meet their counterparts in what an organizer termed discrimination against African nations.

Mary Flowers the chair of African Global Economic and Development Summit said that most of the delegates fell it’s a matter of discrimination with the African nations, which they experience over and over, leading to legitimate business people with ties to the continent being rejected .

Countries whose delegations were affected by this gesture include Sierra Leone, Guinea, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and South Africa.

Reports indicated that the delegates are said to have been called for the visa interviews days before their travel date. This happened despite the fact that they had applied for visas several weeks before. Flowers added that usually 40 percent of the visa applications get rejected over the years but a few delegates attend such summits but come this year there was 100 percent rejection with no African delegate attending.

Voice of America Reported that a Ghanaian artist, whose work includes special effects and graphic art had paid 51,500 shillings ($500) to attend the event and he was denied a visa being asked to lead a session on filmmaking.

This devastating news falls onto African nations leading to different reactions from the African citizens. Should the African nations assume this to be discrimination or just the tough immigration skills?

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Written by Amina Martha.


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