Tuskys Receives an Overwhelming Number of Intern Applications From Western Kenya

By Juma Fred / March 21, 2017


The second largest retailer in Kenya Tuskys Supermarket has received 7,000 applications from interns who wish to join the retail sector from Kisii and Kakamega with Kisumu being underway.

In a statement on their Twitter handle, the retailer said, “This is to notify you that we have completed interviews in Kisii and Kakamega. We are humbled to have connected with each one of you. We received an overwhelming number of applications that totaled to 7000 from the entire region we shortlisted.”

According to the brief statement, the shortlisted areas were Kisii, Kisumu and Kakamega with both Kakamega and Kisii channeling out 1,400 of the applicants.

Tuskys Supermarket, which has a chain of retail outlets in almost every corner of the country rolled out an internship program where the young people who wish to join the retail sector are recruited, trained in various outlets and where they receive an upkeep of 15,000 shillings.

Late last year, during the first rollout of the program, many young people including those who had Masters degrees in various fields applied, painting the picture of the massive unemployment in Kenya and which the retailer is trying to address.


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