Bentley Luxury Car Model Lands in Kenya

By Vera Shawiza / April 12, 2017

The Kenyan luxury car industry has welcomed yet another model brand of motor vehicle, Bentley, that is expected to be in the country by June.

Bentley, whose price is set to be between 27 million shillings and 39 million shillings is targeting Kenya’s super rich whose ranks keeps growing as time passes by. The appointed local dealer for the luxury car will be Multiple Group.

Before the model even arrives in the country, around five orders have already been placed, and Multiple is looking forward to having sold at least nine cars by the end of 2017.

The entry of Bentley underlines increased spending on luxury items by Kenya’s super-rich whose ranks have grown in the past decade thanks to overall economic expansion and a rally in the price of specific assets including real estate.

Multiple is spending 2 billion shillings on a new complex that will house a showroom and service center for the Bentley and Porsche dealership.

Some of the Luxury Cars Currently in Kenya include BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz which have well been received by the increasing demand by consumers from the middle-income bracket and other wealthy motor enthusiasts.

There has been a rising demand for commercial vehicles and luxury cars in Kenya which pushed new and used motor vehicle registrations in Kenya to more than 100,000 units last year, according to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics.

The demand for these luxury cars is said to be driven by increased levels of disposable income, improved road conditions and a young, vibrant population seeking increased mobility.

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