Jubilee Party Reaps Millions as Aspirants Jostle for Space

By Juma Fred / April 7, 2017

As those with knowledge in politics say, this the season of words and as the late Wahome Mutahi, the legend humorist used to say during a times like this, it is a time of words, fat words, thin words, short words, tall words, healthy words, sick words, walking words, limping words, words, words, words. That is what Wahome Mutahi said in his story that I love, Season of Words, cut-throat rivalry.

Political parties’ nominations are expected to take part this month. They had been expected to kick off this week but the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission called on political parties to put on a gold the nominations until it gazettes all the names for the aspirants who will take part in the nominations.

As the nominations draw near, political parties are reaping millions of shillings from the influx of aspirants who wish to get the parties tickets that will see them piloted to elected positions. The latest greatest beneficiary is the ruling party Jubilee which is said to have received more than 800 million shillings from aspirants who want to use it as a political vehicle to various elective posts.

The Jubilee party has received more than 8,000 aspirants who will take part in the nominations to select the few who will take part in the August 8th polls. The party has scheduled its nominations on April 21st with a total of 8,012 aspirants to be involved.

The party requires a presidential candidate to part with one million shillings (1,000,000), a governor to pay 500,000 shillings, a senator aspirant as well as a Member of Parliament aspirant was to pay 250,000 shillings as a nomination fee.

All eyes are now on the ruling party on how it is going to handle its party nominations after the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, IEBC, declined the call for it to handle the party’s primaries.


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