Kenyan Politics Are More of Propaganda Than Real Issues

By Soko Directory Team / April 24, 2017

By Amina Faki

Have you ever wondered when was the last time you saw or heard political leaders ever engage in a physical confrontation?

The most disturbing situation is that why should you, as an ordinary citizen be torn apart by top politicians? Innocent Kenyans engage in both verbal and physical confrontations just because their best politician decides to go against the other by hopping from party to the other, different interests and competition.

Over the years, we have seen and experienced political tension in the country created by different politicians. This could be seen over the four governments we have had as a country. The worst has been the Kibaki regime and the current government. The confrontation between ODM and Former President Kibaki’s government was unceasing. Curren, ly confrontations between the government and the cord coalition seem to be escalating especially this season when we are heading to the general elections.

Last year after a number of confrontations between Cord and the Jubilee government, cord was invited to the State house for a luncheon. Different politicians came out with their own motions and notions from what was discussed during the luncheon and this saw a great rift in the Kenyan citizens.

Corruption has been rampant in the current government an issue that the opposition party seems to be too vocal to expose the deeds which led the to confrontation between the two parties and created a drift among Kenyans. Also the engagement of the IEBC in politics divided Kenyans due to the different propaganda that the politicians sold to the people.

When such issues get out of hand we hear a lot of propaganda; parties engage in verbal confrontation cursing insults at each other hence dividing the citizens. Just after such misbehavior we see them at events shaking hands like nothing ever happened.

During the current party primaries, we have heard of politicians being shot, others being kidnapped, actions that are blamed on their competitors. A politician will always know the right words to say to get to the hearts of the citizens, but what you as a person do with what you’ve heard matters most. Change starts with you.

Political unprofessionalism is what the Kenyan politicians are portraying to the people. This is a political system that should be stopped lest we forget what has been happening over the years especially the 2007/2008 general elections.

Kenyan citizens are adapting to this political sycophancy that they can’t think clearly of what their actions are against their fellow citizens.

Kenyans’ should be bold enough not to be swayed by cheap political propaganda and hate speech and try to hold onto peace in the next coming general elections.

Why fight over a person who isn’t aware of your existence today and tomorrow you see them hold hands and laugh over a cup of tea?

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