Kenyans Feel the Pain as Milk Prices Increase by 10 Percent

By Juma Fred / April 17, 2017

Milk prices have increased by 10 percent getting most Kenyan households that are already struggling with the ever-skyrocketing cost of living.

A 500-milliliter-packet of milk which was retailing at 50 shillings is now retailing at 55 shillings while that of 250-milliliter-packet has increased to 25 shillings from the usual 20 shillings.

Across most supermarkets in the city, a 500-milliliter packet of Brookside milk which was initially retailing at between 50 and 55 shillings is now at between 55 and 65 shillings.

Maize flour

The increase of milk price comes just two weeks after the government announced to Kenyans that the price of maize flour was going to come down from the all-time high of 153 shillings to 115 shillings.

Millers across the country have brought down the price for a 2-kilogram packet of Unga which is oscillating between 120 and 125 shillings.

The millers, however, have said that Kenyans joy for an affordable ugali will be short because the maize they received is likely to last for between 8 and 18 days. The government has insisted that there is enough maize for the low priced unga and that Kenyans should not be alarmed.

Sugar shortage

As Kenyans get a little relief on the price of unga and as they continue to come to terms with the increased prices of such commodities as milk, there appears to be a “man-made” sugar shortage in the country.

In Nakumatt stores, for instance, one is not allowed to buy more than a packet of one kilogram of sugar as a result of “sugar shortage” being witnessed across the country.

Some economic experts have said that some unscrupulous businessmen and politicians may be holding onto sugar in a calculated move to reap big during this electioneering year.

Kenya goes to the polls on the 8th of August 2017


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