Lest We Forget and Vote in Corrupt Leaders in August

By Soko Directory Team / April 26, 2017

By Amina Faki

Allegations of rampant corruption in the current Government dominated throughout last year giving the social and political platforms something to talk about.

Corruption in Kenya is a major problem, especially in the current government. Just to mention a few; the  Eurobond saga, a multi-billion that’s much complicated to date and even after a year of commotion between the government and the opposition we are unable to establish the truth yet.

The NYS scandal that started in 2015 through 2016 with new revelations made.  From the 791 million shillings lost a new revelation came out that it was in billions.

Our minds still fresh on the NYS scandal came in the Rio Scandal. Rio Olympics was a chance for Kenyans to move away from the divisive talks and prove to the world that we have amazing athletes. Instead, corruption sneaked its way in the occasion when it came to light that the allowances and the uniforms that were set aside for the athletes were stolen.

The Afya house scandal emerged in November sometime after the media received leaked audit report. According to the report, over 3 billion shillings were unaccounted for in the ministry of health. The report did show massive theft of public fund through forgery, double payment, and illegal budget overspending.

The SGR project persisted on for so long, even when the project appeared to be on the right track, there were claims of corruption last year in regards to the quality of the rail, the trains and the overall cost of the project.

The Youth Fund scandal that arose last year adds to the long list of broken promises that were made to the youths after it emerged that the board of the Youth Enterprise Fund had misappropriated funds made for the young people.

By far the largest form of claimed corruption was that of the City Hall not being able to account for nearly 20 billion shillings for a report made by the Auditor General.

A series of other claims of corruption are that of the Kilifi County government, Murang’a Water Project, and the Mombasa County Government’s secret banks.

The leaders involved in those allegations are the ones that we voted in to protect and guard our resources, but what did they do?

In the upcoming general election, your votes count. Make the right choice in choosing transparent leaders who will be able to protect and safeguard your interests.


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