Here’s Why You Should Vote for Soko Directory in 2017 BAKE Awards

By Juma Fred / April 7, 2017

Soko Directory Investments Limited is a converged online media house that has successfully managed to marry together both the traditional media as well as the digital media in the fast-changing technological world.

For over five years, Soko Directory prides itself as the main agenda setter in the world of business. Soko Directory always strives to give people what they should talk about on a daily basis in terms of business. With Soko, the business of doing business is always a serious business.

Others call themselves the Trendsetters but they set the trends in innuendos and baseless conversations that cannot be supported with any tangible facts. At Soko, we bring out the premises, build them up with facts then conclude them to our readers’ satisfaction.


They say that if one wants to go fast, then s/he should go alone but if one wants to go far, then s/he should go with others. Soko Directory chose to go with others, with our readers, our clients and our friends and always determined to grow together with others. We do not distinguish between the weak and the strong, for us, there is no the weak and the strong and there are individuals who have potential to grow with each passing day.

It is on this spirit of helping others to grow and, in the process, growing ourselves that we have been nominated to battle it out in the Best Business Blog category in this year’s BAKE Awards. It is not that we are the best, we are not saying that we are the best but we are. As our friends from the lakeside say, we are the best but do we say?

To carry the day at BAKE Awards cannot be our task alone. We need you our client, loyal readers and friends to support us and to walk with us. We ask you to vote for us in the BAKE Awards and together, we shall win. The voting process only takes 10 seconds of your time and you will be done.


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Juma Fredrick is an enthusiastic journalist who believes that journalism has power to change the world either negatively or positively depending on how one uses it. You can reach him on: (020) 528 0222 or Email: [email protected]

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