Top 5 creative ways to earn money in Kenya after University

By Soko Directory Team / April 12, 2017


There is a new crop of millionaires in town, a new wave of a generation that no one seems to understand or comprehend on how they are making their lump sum cash. These are the millennials.

Some millennials are driving big cars in town, living lavishly but ‘not working at all.’ People always see them during the day either sleeping or just sitting ‘aimlessly’ but they never seem to run short of cash flowing towards them.

Here are some of the ways that the Kenyan youth is using to make money:

  1. Online writing

Many young people in Kenya are making huge amounts of money from online writing. These are the young people who various categories of writing ranging from academic writing to general writing for online companies outside the country. Some of the sites that most Kenyan youths are writing for include Upwork, Toptal, and Elance. It is said that these sites are giving thousands of Kenyan youth who have accounts with them jobs worth as much as 100,000 shillings per month.

  1. Selling of Skills to Small Scale Buyers

Reports indicate that more than 10 million youth in Kenya have the skills but are unable to find jobs in areas they have majored in. Most of them have opted to take to online marketplaces that are giving them a chance to market their skills to potential buyers. These platforms, apart from giving the youth the opportunity to sell their skills, also gives the potential buyers an opportunity to request for the experts they want at an affordable price. In Kenya, the main platform that is giving youths a chance to display a wide range of skills to potential buyers is FiveSok with already more than 5000 youth benefitted. Another is Gebeya which is only limited to those with skills in computer.

  1. Selling secondhand items online

Many young people are making cash through buying and selling of secondhand items especially electronics via online platforms. One of the most commonly used platforms is OLX.

  1. Social Media Influencers

Many people see social media jus as a way to socialize but the truth is people are making millions from the platforms. Young people with a huge twitter following like @XtianDela are a hotcake for brands who wants an online presence. Most young people in this business are using Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

  1. Farming

Most young people see farming as dirty but the majority of them are making millions in horticultural farming. They actually don’t take part in it physically but they hire other people to do it on their behalf.


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