Varsity Regulator Threatens to Shut Institutions over Unpaid Levies

By Soko Directory Team / April 20, 2017

By Amina Faki,

The Kenyan university regulator has threatened to close institutions that have failed to pay it hundreds of millions of shillings in levies.

The Commission for University Education (CUE) said that the universities are yet to pay quality fees dating back 2015.

Universities are expected CUE 1,000 shillings for each student for the year that started last July. This amount translates to over half a billion shillings based on the student population which tops to 564,507 students.

Undergraduate students are expected to pay 1,000 shillings each, 1,500 shillings for masters’ students and 2,000 shillings for PhD students a year from the academic 2015/2016.

CUE has now threatened to suspend any service to institutions that have failed to settle their dues including a stop to processing of their applications for programs or campus accreditation until the debts are cleared.

The Commission during a meeting with University council members in Naivasha last week warned that further, the concerned institution and its programs will be removed from CUE’s list of accredited and chartered universities.
At the moment there are 70 universities with a total of 564,507 students.

The revised charges of 1,000 shillings were gazetted last year in July following row that lasted two years between the universities and CUE on the charges that had almost been doubled.

Universities had expressed fears that implementation of the charges could have led to increase in school fees.

The demand note comes at a moment when universities are struggling to meet their financial obligations.

Universities previously paid a flat rate of 20, 000 shillings for the quality checks but the revised fees are pegged on the student population.

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