ZUKU Must Shape in or Shape Out, Customers Are Disgruntled

By Juma Fred / April 21, 2017

The cable network in Kenya that has been gaining prominence majorly in Mombasa and Nairobi, Zuku, is now under siege and angry customers are threatening to boycott its services and opt for other similar service providers.

In the recent past, customers have been increasingly becoming dissatisfied with the services being provided by Zuku especially in terms of the internet. According to most customers, ZUKU internet has been too slow and that all their calls to the firm have always gone unanswered.

Customers are also dissatisfied with the customer care of ZUKU whom they accuse of laziness and rudeness. Customers say that the customer care of ZUKU often take longer times to pick up calls from customers and when they pick, they either give a blanket and vague answers with promises that they never fulfill.

Here are some of their thoughts:


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