Challenges of Searching For A Home and Why Cytonn Is the Perfect Antidote

By Vera Shawiza / May 12, 2017

Good housing makes a good home. A good home is more than just four walls and a roof. It means having a home that is secure, safe and in good shape. It means a place where one looks forward to going after a busy day either at work or with friends.

This is a place where ones’ family is entitled to and whenever they are together, they feel at peace. Comfort comes along with good housing and it is everyone’s dream to own a home at one point of their lives. Most people work so hard that they could have enough savings that will enable them either buy a house or at least be in a position to rent a house that meets their needs.

In this digital era, house hunting has been made easy as a good number of buyers do their searching via the internet. They tend to spend a lot of time looking for properties via online platforms or getting in touch with agents who are able to take them to where the houses are for a tour. The problem here is that these buyers are no longer focused on quality, or ensuring that whichever house they are linked with will meet their needs, but instead, they get themselves blackmailed by the same agents into buying a house that in the end will not satisfy their needs.

Some homebuyers are not always keen on considering the long-term view of a property they intend to purchase. They put themselves in the position of just buying a house. It is important to put into considerations that the house to be bought might end up being an investment either at that moment or even in the future. Such are key things that make house buying something to be thought over well without rushing into making decisions.

In Kenya, the real estate sector has been growing with each passing day. People, especially those residing in urban areas have had the great interest in the sector and home ownership is now the in thing. Who does not want to own a home? Who wants to be paying rent to someone else in all of their lifetime? Such are the reasons that have made it possible for the sector to be of great interest to most Kenyans.

The cost of living is already high. The economy of the country is deteriorating as time goes by thus, it is important for an individual to make enough savings for the family as well as for a place to lay their head; a home.

Since it is clear that most people are interested in buying and owning their own homes, fraudsters are taking advantage. There have been several reports of house buyers getting themselves into the hands of fraudsters who pretend to be real estate agents or even property sellers, only to realize that they have been conned. There are middlemen who pretend to help people with the process of getting a home yet they are only after stealing.

Location is another thing that poses a big challenge as far as buying a home is concerned. Despite the fact that there are more than enough properties in the market, the location has to be favorable to the buyer. A number of things to be considered that relate to the location, top of the list are the surrounding, and proximity to social amenities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers and good roads.

Security is very important and it involves all the process that come along with purchasing of a house. One has to ensure that the house to be bought exists and this can only be made possible through the signing of important documents with the property seller. There have been cases where an individual buys a house or property only to be shocked later on that the same property is owned by almost five people. In such cases, the person who sold it may have presented fake documents to the buyers who are not well enlightened on matters that concern the purchase of a genuine house.

Cytonn investments, a renown real estate company in Kenya has a solution to the many challenges that are associated with a purchase of property, and more specifically homes. According to the firm, they believe that all investors should have an opportunity to participate in the growing real estate sector which can be achieved either through the real estate backed fixed income notes that offer a fixed rate of return over an agreed period or through the purchase of the completed buildings in their projects.

With Cytonn, one is assured of working with a company that gives them the priority. A company that provides quality over quantity and one that can 100 percent be trusted. They have been licensed and registered with the Estate Agents Registration Board, moreover, they have already proved their competence in the sector through their developments that are already in place. They also have a number of purchase plans in place.

Cytonn being a giant in the real estate sector in Kenya knows what a home buyer needs and they ensure that they deliver.  With their great expertise in the sector they are reliable enough such that before coming into an agreement with a buyer, they ensure that have pinpointed out key issues including conditions of the house after physical inspection, the risk profile of the house as an asset, the tax structure affecting the house and any other issue latent for you. When considering buying a house, Cytonn investments is the company to reach out to.


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