Cooperative Bank of Kenya: Diaspora Investment Opportunities

By Soko Directory Team / May 22, 2017

By Amina Faki

Cooperative bank of Kenya has been a way of many in the diaspora; it is replacing the cities and the villages that they have lost back in the country.

So far from home yet so near, the Co-operative bank of Kenya is the perfect link between diaspora individuals and the investment and banking products & services back in the country.

Thanks to the Coop Bank diaspora investment opportunities, our brothers and sisters in the diaspora can have safe investments.

Below are some of the Coop Bank Diaspora investment opportunities;

Trade shares

Diaspora Kenyan residents can now invest in trade shares in listed public companies using a CDS account with an advantage of tracking their shares anywhere in the world. Trade share investment opportunities are; transfer of shares, immobilization, and transactions.

Investors in the trade share business can access the trading share accounts in real time, instant order placement and market information, access to portfolio valuations, stock holding reports and transaction statements.

Treasury Bills

Cooperative bank of Kenya offers individuals in the diaspora a risk-free investment in the Treasury Bills which is a paperless short-term borrowing instrument used by the Government through whose fiscal agent is the Central Bank of Kenya.

With the treasury bills being sold at discounted prices to reflect on investor’s return and which can be redeemed at face (par) value, Coop Bank saves this opportunity for those in the diaspora by investing in the Treasury bills and Bonds on their behalf.

Custodial Services

Coop Bank offers the diaspora’s a great opportunity by becoming the trusted reliable partner in safeguarding their assets. This means that one doesn’t have to directly manage their accounts and worry about distance but can use the bank to professionally do this services for them.

Some of the custodial services are; safeguarding of scheme assets, transaction processing, and settlement, transaction processing, and settlement, processing registration of the assets title document, undertaking corporate actions, execution of both local and offshore trade settlements, facilitating foreign exchange transactions, proxy voting, tax claims, and exemption facilitation.

Among the opportunities offered by Coop bank for the diaspora is the


An investment in Treasury bond is when an individual lends to the government. The bank offers predictable returns for your money over time in the investment of Treasury Bonds.

With this kind of investment, the bank ensures the following benefits; risk-free principle and interest payments, specified rate of interest paid during the life of the bond, and face value repaid on the maturity of the bond.

It doesn’t matter how many miles you are away from home; the distance doesn’t matter, as always Cooperative Bank of Kenya has got your interests and investments covered.

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