Cyber Attack Still a Big Threat Across the Globe

By Vera Shawiza / May 10, 2017

A recent investigation by Cisco found that 75 percent of companies are affected by adware infections with cyber-attack continuing being a threat worldwide.

According to Amadeus East Africa in collaboration with a panel of sponsors hosted the first East Africa Cyber Security Forum. The insightful and thought to provoke day revolved around key topics such as the role of government in cybersecurity, securing the connected devices, keeping pace with criminal technology, securing cloud-based applications, securing the mobile workforce, cyber security trends, and the legal framework on cybersecurity.

In his welcome remarks at the start of the forum, Juan Torres, Amadeus East Africa General Manager said that Amadeus recognizes the real threat that cyber-attacks pose to the region.

“Our industry is about service supported by technology where data and digitalization are contributing towards its evolution and growth. We saw it fit to collaborate with like-minded stakeholders to offer our customers vital information and a platform to deliberate and build knowledge on cybersecurity as an important emerging issue,” said Torres

 Emphasizing the role Government plays, CS Joe Mucheru noted that the country is getting more digital, technology has to be harnessed and businesses must be visible online adding that people should not be scared of the threat of cyber-attacks but should collaboratively work together to ensure awareness is created.

“As a government, we are working towards putting in place critical infrastructure, systems, and technical teams to maximize on connectivity. Further, clear penalties and guidelines to handling cyber-crimes are being put in place as included in the Computer Cyber Bill which is before parliament,” said Mucheru.

One of the highlights of the day was a hacking simulation conducted by Dr. Bright Gameli, co-founder, and chairman of AfricaHackon where he reiterated that security starts with an individual and that there is no 100 percent guarantee that one cannot be hacked.

“We are all vulnerable to cyber-hacking and vigilance is key for everyone. There is a need for more such forums to be organized so as to increase awareness and knowledge on attack mitigations,” noted Dr.Gameli.

Some of the cyber security emerging trends highlighted by the key note speakers included organized cyber-crimes, ransom ware, dark web, cyber terrorism, and the human element whereby personal identity and intellectual property is stolen or compromised.


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