Efficient and Cost Effective Washing Machines Hits the Market

By Soko Directory Team / May 11, 2017

Using a washing machine no longer has to be costly. According to Charles Kimari from Samsung Electronics East Africa, the latest models of washing machines have become energy efficient and cost effective with updated features that enable them to consume 30-40 percent less energy than the older ones.

Speaking during a washing machine activation at Greenspan Mall, Mr.  Kimari said that the new models such as the Samsung AddWash washing machine are equipped with Eco Bubble technology that pre-mixes air, water and detergent to create bubbles that penetrate clothes faster and more effectively, enabling the machine to wash items at cooler temperatures. Such energy saving is good for both the environment and one’s monthly electricity bills.

According to Mr Kimari, the new models also go a long way in saving one’s water bills and water usage, especially at a time like this when the country is being faced with a water shortage brought about by drought.

“With the current water shortage being experienced in the country, it is advisable for one to find ways of conserving water and also reduce the water bills. Our new technology uses less than half the water compared to the conventional models or hand-washing,” he says.

He further stressed the importance of ensuring one’s washing machine is clean to prevent mold build-up that can end up destroying the machine.

“When it comes to basic care of the washing machine it is always advisable to regularly wipe it inside and out and keep the lid open for about 15 minutes after every wash cycle to release the moisture. It is also important to use an AVS protector (Automatic Voltage Switcher), especially where power fluctuations are common. In addition, place the machine on a flat surface to avoid damaging it,” he said.



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