Where to Find Cheap Web Design Companies in Kenya

By Soko Directory Team / May 19, 2017

Finding web design companies in Kenya is easy, however, finding top quality web developers not so much and many Kenyans just don’t know how to.

Kenya is one of the few places in the world that you can always bet on finding ‘a guy’ for almost anything that you need. The unemployment crisis makes every opportunity look like a reasonable job proposition. You can wake up one morning and go to town looking for someone to come tuck you into bed every night and you will find him or her.

Finding ‘a guy’ is easy, the challenge is finding ‘a quality guy’. Finding web design companies in Kenya is easy, however finding top quality web developers not so much. Top quality in the sense of the overall service provided, from the customer services all the way to the job delivery and even the support after that.

In this day and age, businesses which are services oriented need to integrate escrow systems into their payment procedures, such that once a client makes a payment, the money remains intact until the job has been successfully delivered. So far, FiveSok has an escrow that has been very successful. The platform connects service seekers to professionals that specialize in services such as web development, art, tutoring, etc. If you need a cheap website or app developed in Nairobi or anywhere in Kenya, you simply visit the platform, describe the precise details your requirements, and they will market your request to prospective web developers in Kenya. The beauty is that you will make the payment through the site, rather than pay the seller directly; and FiveSok holds your cash until you confirm that the job has been completed. In an instance whereby you have a website or app developer who has stopped cooperating, as is often the case, then you have the option to ax them. The escrow system ensures that you remain in control until the job has been delivered.

Many web design companies in Kenya are nice with words and often guarantee that they will deliver to you the perfect website or app – well that is until you sign an agreement and pay a deposit. All the initial niceties then disappear and getting a hold of them on phone or email becomes a challenge. I am writing this from experience because I have hopped through several web design companies in Nairobi over the past 2 years. It is very frustrating because website and apps are generally not very cheap. Thankfully the emergence of platforms such as FiveSok means that the developers must always be on their feet because they only receive their payment once you are happy with their services.

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